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The Crashfish is a defensive fauna species found only in caves, usually in the Safe Shallows Caves, however, a group of 8 can also be found in the Kelp Forest Caves. The Crashfish lives in a symbiotic relationship with a flora species named the Sulfur Plant


The Crashfish is an oval-shaped fish with widely spaced nostrils, a wide, seemingly toothless mouth, and one pale yellow eye with a large black pupil. The top of the body is red and scaly, whilst its underside and face are covered by smooth, cream-colored skin. Many spikes protrude outwards from the Crashfish's body; these spikes are beige in color, tipped with red and are responsible for triggering their characteristic explosive chemical reaction. The same spikes make up its fins, though these are much more brightly colored than the spikes found elsewhere on the body.


Upon sensing the player's presence, the Sulfur Plant opens up like a flower and emits a menacing gurgle, revealing the Crashfish inside. If the player approaches further after the Crashfish's initial warning, the Crashfish will launch itself out of the Sulfur Plant and charge at the player. If the player instead heeds the warning and backs off, the Crashfish will retreat back into the Sulfur Plant.

If the Crashfish explodes next to a Seamoth with the player inside, it can immediately destroy the Seamoth depending on proximity. Should an unaware player not see the Crashfish after hearing its warning noise, it is highly advised to swim in the other direction from where the sound originated. Crashfish also deal about 5% damage to a Prawn Suit.

The Crashfish is a very fast swimmer, it can even outswim a Seamoth, and can also easily catch up with an ill-equipped player, dealing severe damage to their health and also to their Oxygen level. There is an easy way of avoiding the Crashfish; the player can rush torwards the Crashfish. Due to the crashfish’s speed, it lacks mobility and is unable to turn quickly so once the Crashfish explodes, the Player is out of range. The Crashfish becomes aggressive when the player gets too close, and can be identified with its loud ‘reet’ sound.  Using evasive maneuvers to put obstacles between the player and the Crashfish rather than swimming away in a straight line is advisable in most circumstances.

While the Crashfish is also scannable inside the Sulfur Plant, caution is advised when attempting this process. The easiest and fastest way to accomplish this is to freeze the Crashfish with a Stasis Rifle as it peeks out of its home to scan it.

Crashfish eggs can be found near Sulfur Plants. Take care when collecting them, as a nearby Crashfish explosion will destroy them. 

Infant Crashfish can be used as ammo for the Propulsion Cannon, and can be used as a type of bomb. It should be noted that when inside an Alien Containment, Crashfish will not explode.

Energy Value

CrashfishArrow-right (1)BioreactorArrow-right (1)Energy×560

CrashEggArrow-right (1)BioreactorArrow-right (1)Energy×189

Data Bank Entry


This unusual species has developed an emergency defense mechanism based on mutually assured destruction.

1. Forward-mounted Eye:
Enables the creature to identify and track potential predators.

2. Sulfur Plant:
The sulfur plant has evolved to feed on sulfuric compounds secreted by the crashfish, which makes its nest within its leaves. Stronger, more protective plants provide superior nesting grounds, which in turn provide the plant with more nutrients from larger crashfish.

3. Defense Mechanism:
Concentrations of sulfur build up in the organism over time. If the crashfish collides with something at sufficient speed the spikes on its torso are impacted, triggering an explosive chemical reaction.

Assessment: Equip stasis rifle, repulsion cannon or similar before approaching shallow caves



  • The Crashfish can be used to the advantage to the player, especially if they have a Propulsion Cannon on hand.
  • The old name for the Crashfish was the Crash.
  • The Crashfish has some similar aspects to real-life blowfish, as seen in the concept art. In the game, it swells like a balloon, complete with spikes.
  • The Cuddlefish was originally going to fill the role that the Crashfish does, but the developers decided to use the Crashfish model as the Cuddlefish was "too cute".
  • The Crashfish and the Sulfur Plant are one of the three creatures to be in a symbiotic relationship.
  • According to the databank, the Crashfish explodes when one of its spikes is struck. This resembles the classic naval contact mine , which detonates when one of the "horns" on its casing is crushed by contact with a ship hull. However, in the game, an angered Crashfish simply explodes after a set period of time.
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