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The Creature Decoy is a deployable tool, crafted using the Fabricator. It acts as a distraction device to attract hostile creatures to it when deployed, giving the player the opportunity to escape whilst the creatures are distracted. It can be deployed by hand or from the Cyclops.

The Data Box containing the blueprint for the Creature Decoy can be found in Lifepod 4 and the Underwater Islands Wreck.


To deploy a Creature Decoy from the Cyclops, there must be a decoy stored inside the Decoy Loading Tube. The decoy can be deployed while piloting the Cyclops by pressing the decoy button located in the top right of the Cyclops' HUD. When a Creature Decoy is launched from the Cyclops, it is displayed as a yellow orb on the Cyclops' hostile creature display. There is a slight time delay between triggering a launch and the decoy being deployed: when it is, it is deployed from the Cyclops' midsection, so it is important to turn when it is deployed or an attacker might accidentally hit the Cyclops anyway.

A Cyclops Decoy Tube Upgrade will increase the capacity of the Decoy Loading Tube, allowing up to five decoys to be loaded at once.


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Data Bank Entry


This advanced deployable is a catch-all solution for mimicking the behavior of a living creature, for purposes of scientific research or predator evasion.

- Vibrates, cycles air and water, and sends out randomized, high-frequency sound waves to emulate a living organism
- May be hand-placed, or launched from compatible Cyclops submarines
- Short on-board battery provides limited lifespan
- Attracts predators of all kinds