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This article is about Creepvine. You may be looking for Creepvine Seed Cluster or Creepvine Sample.

The Creepvine is the primary flora of the Arctic Kelp Forest.


The species possesses a long yellow stalk that anchors it to the seabed. From the stalk many long, wavy leaves grow and share the yellow colouration of the stalk. Its seed pods emit a constant bioluminescent pink glow.


The species is identical in shape to the Creepvine of The Crater, with the only difference being that the leaves and stalk are yellow in color, while the seed pods that hang from the plant are red.

Data Bank Entry

Arctic Kelp Ency.png

A kelp species concentrated in large forests, in shallow, sandy waters. Loose roots anchor the plant to the sea floor, from where it grows steadily toward the surface in pursuit of sunlight.

The stem is fibrous and rich in iron, making it both a viable base material for fabrication of textiles, as well as a basic foodstuff.

Assessment: Vital alien resource - Edible - Construction Applications

Source: Scan Creepvines