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The Crescent Moon Coral is a type of branching flora native to the Twisty Bridges.


The Crescent Moon Coral is found growing on the walls of undersea canyons in the Twisty Bridges.

The Crescent Moon Coral is composed of a large bulbous nodule at the base, from which a long vine-like structure extends upwards. The vine splits into multiple vines as it moves upwards, and attached to them are large crescent-shaped growths, supported by many smaller vines. The whole plant is a pale yellowish-green in colour, with a few dull purple accents and red bands on the vines.

Databank Entry

Crescent Moon Coral
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The crescent moon coral prefers to grow vertically, similar to a vine. The branching filaments connecting the crescent to the red stem contain tiny flagellum that pull in various microorganisms for nourishment.

Source: Scan Crescent Moon Corals