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This article is about the Crimson Ray. You may be looking for the Jellyray or Ghostray.

The Crimson Ray is a large, passive ray species and a close relative of the Ghostray. It lives exclusively in the Inactive Lava Zone and Lava Lakes.


In terms of body shape and size the Crimson Ray is identical to the Ghostray, however, it has major differences in coloration:

  • The creature's body is opaque.
  • The top side of the creature is predominantly dark red in color with a few lighter patches, whilst its underside is pale yellow in color.
  • Its rows of gills emit a yellow, bioluminescent glow.


The Crimson Ray swims aimlessly around the Inactive Lava Zone and Lava Lakes in small or large groups. On occasion, they can be seen swimming away from Lava Lizards. They will ignore the player as they glide gently through the lava zones.


Data Bank Entry

Fire Ray Bio Scan.png

One of the largest rays on the planet, displaying generally docile behavior.

1. Thick Scaling:
Scales formed on the skin protect this ray from extreme temperatures, allowing it to survive in areas unpopulated by competing scavengers.

2. Forward-mounted Eye Sockets:
This suggests a predatory evolutionary history, left behind long ago.

Assessment: Inedible



  • On Sketchfab the Crimson Ray is referred to as "Ghost Ray Opaque".
    • The development name was Fire Ray.