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The Cryptosuchus is an aggressive, aquatic Fauna species.


Cryptosuchus typically patrol a specific area or path, mostly content to swim in circles and roar if not disturbed. They are aggressive, but the player must pass fairly close to them to trigger a response.


The Cryptosuchus is a mid-sized predator bearing resemblance to crocodilians. the Cryptosuchus' body is covered in purple plate-like scales. These scales are sharp and slightly metalic, with two rows of spines along the back, which merge into one further down near the tail.

It has four well developed legs with large, webbed feet. the front feet have four claws, while the back feet have three. The toes are connected by a bright blue membrane.

The suffix "suchus" indicates design inspiration from crocodilians.


File Type
Alert 1
Alert 2
Alert 3
Alert 4
Bite 1
Bite 2
Bite 3
Callout 1
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Callout 5
Chase 1
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Chase Loop
Flinch 1
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Roar 1
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Roar 3
Fast swim 1
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Fast swim 6
Slow swim 1
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Slow swim 5

Databank Entry

Hiddencroc frame.png

The cryptosuchus is a large shark-like beast, easily identifiable by its carapace of thin, bony plates.

Structure: These plates are defensive bony structures that aid in heat absorption among thermal vents. It propels itself with wide webbed flippers that displace massive amounts of water.

Behavior: The cryptosuchus is a bit of a contradictory creature. Despite its fearsome appearance, it is more roar than bite. While territorial, the cryptosuchus tends to retreat from confrontation after being attacked once. This is likely a form of agnostic posturing. Aggressive fauna tend to avoid fights if the probability of injury is too high.

Assessment: Avoid, but can be handled in a pinch.

Source: Scan Cryptosuchus