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The Crystal Caves Cache is an Architect Base located within the Crystal Caves' castle containing the organs of Al-An's body.

The cache can only be accessed if the player approaches it with Al-An inside their head.


The Crystal Caves Cache is positioned within a cave studded with Large Morganite Formations. The area encompasses a large tunnel in addition to the base itself. The aforementioned tunnel distances the central section of the cache from its entrance. The cache's central structure consists of a facade connected to a long dead-end corridor, supported by triangular arches and symmetrical in design. Four recesses on either side of the corridor hold several transport containers. One container has been removed from and propped up against the left side of the corridor for the player to acquire the organs blueprint for Al-An's vessel. At the end of the corridor is a hexagonally designed light fixture. Two Alien Robots can also be seen wandering within the area.