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When was the last time a top surgeon actually cut someone open? That's what the robots are for.

― Danby, Lifepod 12 Medical Officer Danby's Crew Log


Medical Officer Danby was a crew member on board the Aurora. He escaped the ship in Lifepod 12, which crashed in the Bulb Zone.


Danby escaped into Lifepod 12, which sunk in the Bulb Zone. In his log, he reveals that he was never technically a medical officer, and that he cheated the medical exams. However, it also revealed that he is infected with Kharaa, although doesn't know what it exactly is, claiming he has skin irritation and glowing green pustules on his hands. He finishes with that he thinks he's going to die.

He most likely either dies after his Lifepod is attacked, or succumbs to Kharaa.

Relevant Data Downloads

Lifepod 12 Medical Officer Danby's Crew Log

I'm not really a doctor. I know that's what my ID says, but I never have been. Cheated the medical exams. What does a doctor these days need to know about manually resetting bones? When was the last time a top surgeon actually cut someone open? That's what the robots are for!

Doctors these days read diagnoses off of computer readouts. For that, I'm perfectly qualified.

But what good is it when I'm not connected to the main network? I'm bleeding. I've got glowing green pustules growing on my hands. I run a self-scan and it tells me I've got skin irritation. The only thing I studied in medical school was how to lie convincingly. What the hell do I know how to treat an alien disease?

I think I'm actually going to die down here.


  • After contracting the Kharaa Bacterium, Danby managed to develop cysts within a few hours of infection, despite the cysts occurring at least two weeks after initial contact with Ryley Robinson. The reason for this is unknown. It is possible that the rate of progression varies greatly depending on the individual.
    • Another possible explanation is that Ryley was exposed to the unstable Enzyme 42, which slowed his progression. Danby did not, and Kharaa was allowed to quickly spread through him.
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