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I'm going to tell you something, and then you have to drop this... crusade... you're on. We're researching the bacteria.

― Danielle revealing the nature of her work to Sam

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Danielle Valenti is a researcher at Alterra Corporation who was tasked with researching the Frozen Leviathan at the Phi Excavation Site. She worked alongside Vinh Pham at Omega Lab, studying the Kharaa Bacterium samples procured from the creature.

At the time, Danielle and Samantha Ayou were in a relationship. Due to the nature of Danielle's work, their relationship became shaky in the days leading up to Sam's death.


Dr. Danielle Valenti

Senior Scientist, Biochemistry
Reports to: Emmanuel Desjardins
Current Project: Bacterial Analysis
Personality: E3A3O2C5N1

Source: Scan nameplate in Omega Lab