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This article is about the Data Boxes. You may be looking for Databank.

Data Boxes are items found within Wrecks, Destroyed Lifepods, and Degasi Seabases. They can be opened to access blueprints for tools, equipment, and upgrade modules.

Note: Certain data boxes won't spawn if one has already obtained the blueprints and didn't load the area beforehand. Opening a data box in which blueprints have already been obtained will give two pieces of Titanium, similar to scanning certain fragments when one already has the blueprint for them.


Blueprint Location
Alien Containment.png
Alien Containment
Creature Decoy.png
Creature Decoy
Cyclops Decoy Tube Upgrade.png
Cyclops Decoy Tube Upgrade
Cyclops Docking Bay Repair Module.png
Cyclops Docking Bay Repair Module
Cyclops Fire Suppression System.png
Cyclops Fire Suppression System
Cyclops Depth Module MK1.png
Cyclops Depth Module MK1
Cyclops Shield Generator.png
Cyclops Shield Generator
Cyclops Sonar Upgrade.png
Cyclops Sonar Upgrade
Cyclops Thermal Reactor Module.PNG
Cyclops Thermal Reactor Module
Lightweight High Capacity Tank.png
Lightweight High Capacity Tank
Reinforced Dive Suit.png
Reinforced Dive Suit
Repulsion Cannon.png
Repulsion Cannon
Swim Charge Fins.png

Swim Charge Fins

Ultra Glide Fins.png
Ultra Glide Fins
Ultra High Capacity Tank.png
Ultra-High Capacity Tank
Vehicle Modification Station.png
Vehicle Upgrade Console

Below Zero

Blueprint Location Coordinates
Beacon (BZ).png
  • (107 -33 -9)
Ultra High Capacity Tank (BZ).png
Booster Tank
  • (253 -137 -420)
  • (0 -451 -1118)
1x1 default bg.png
Control Room Icon.png
Control Room
  • (546, -202, -1055)
  • (-114 14 -330)
  • (225 -103 -620)
1x1 default bg.png
Headlamp Icon.png
  • (-97 -296 -644)
High Capacity O₂ Tank (BZ).png
High Capacity O₂ Tank
  • (-253 -124 -251)
1x1 default bg.png
Moonpool Icon.png
  • (-295 -150 -777)
Rebreather (BZ).png
  • (-371 -171 -318)
Scanner Room (BZ).png
Scanner Room
  • (-261 41 -771)
  • (-197 -273 -707)
1x1 default bg.png
Snowfox Jump Module Icon.png
Snowfox Hop Module
  • (-1515 11 -1038)
1x1 default bg.png
Snowfox Ice Worm Attack Reduction Module Icon.png
Snowfox Ice Worm Attack Reduction Module
  • (-1096 61 332)
Stillsuit (BZ).png
  • (48 -410 -870)
Swim Charge Fins (BZ).png
Swim Charge Fins
  • (550 -202 -1075)
1x1 default bg.png
Thumper Icon.png
  • (-1817 37 -748)
  • (-966 68 -84)