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The Deep Lilypads Cave is a biome in Subnautica: Below Zero that is located beneath the Lilypad Islands. The area is dominated by a large flora species known as the Grand Cotton Anemone.


The Deep Lilypads Cave is a large split level cave, heavily illuminated by a majority of its flora. The biome possesses rocky terrain, littered with pollen spewed from the Cave Flowers found exclusively within the area. The biome’s accessibility is due to the landmass lifted by numerous Lilypads from above, subsequently forming a narrow crevice leading down to the area. 

The biome is split into two chambers.

The upper chamber contains the route to and from the Lilypad Islands. It possesses a central area characterized by the floating landmass located overhead, as well as the absence of pollen that is found throughout the rest of the biome’s floor. Additionally, the central area sports several tunnels that branch out into an outer cave surrounding it. This “annular” outer cave region is heavily dotted with flora, including patches of Cave Flowers and clusters of Hanging Plants. Smaller species of flora also dot the terrain. Furthermore, two tunnels, with one of the tunnels diverging into two, connect this chamber to the biome’s lower chamber. Gold Trivalve Eggs can be found in a small cave within the area.

The biome's lower chamber is the less compact region of the two chambers. This area sports significantly more cave flowers, and unlike the upper level, the floor is coated entirely with pollen. A Squidshark is found within this area, and Squidshark eggs can be found in small coves within the lower chamber.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

The entrance to the Deep Lilypads Cave Cache is found within the lower section of this biome.