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The Deep Lilypads Cave Cache is an Architect Base located in the Deep Lilypads Cave. It contains the skeleton fragment of Al-An's Storage Medium. It apparently served as a sanctuary of life for the Architects to reflect when the Kharaa Bacterium was released, and the preservation of life seemed low.

The cache can only be accessed if the player approaches it with Al-An inside their head.


The cache is situated within a secluded, possibly artificial environment, as indicated by the large quantities of overgrown moss, which cannot be seen elsewhere in the Deep Lilypads Cave. The cache features a ramp that splits off to the left and right. A platform rests at the heart of the cache, with each corner possessing a large planter tray. Each tray contains a singular Ancient Ornamental Plant, as well as clusters of Bulb Stalk Plants. A fountain is located at the center of the platform, with a Statue sitting partially submerged within an octagonal-shaped basin, however it is unscannable. Above the statue is a pipe-like structure, pouring water down into the fountain. To the left and right of the cache, several pedestals can be found growing three of the flora species native to The Crater which includes the Speckled Rattler, Voxel Shrub, and Grub Basket.



  • Until it was exchanged with the Architect Skeletal Structure blueprint, the Tissues blueprint was located within this cache. It could be seen propped against the cache's fountain.
  • The Deep Lilypads Cave Cache was originally located at the bottom of the Methane Ice Caves until the biome was cut from the game.