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This article is about the Deep Purple Vents. You may be looking for the Purple Vents.

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Significant geothermal activity detected below. Beware of high pressure and temperatures.


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The Deep Purple Vents is a deeper extension of the Purple Vents. It goes down to about 480 meters below the surface and contains an entrance to the Crystal Caves. It is accessible from a trench located near the border between the Purple Vents and Lilypad Islands, as well as the entrance containing the Detached Thruster of Mercury II. It contains few Fauna and very little Flora. It is fairly safe, with the only danger being getting to close to the Fumaroles, and it also has plenty valuable resources such as Uraninite Crystals and Lithium. It also has a route that connects to the Lilypads Crevice.

An Ion Cube can be found in a small Architect installation next to the Fossil Excavator in the biome.