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This article is about the Deep Sparse Reef. You may be looking for the Sparse Reef.

The Deep Sparse Reef is a cave system that can be found in the Sparse Reef biome.


The Deep Sparse Reef features numerous deep trenches and intertwining cave systems, which are populated by large groups of Shuttlebugs, Eye Stalks, and Tiger Plants. Deep within the area is an entrance to the Blood Kelp Trench. This biome is devoid of most life.

The Deep Sparse Reef is southwest of Lifepod 5.

Lifepod 19 is also found in the trench, in which Second Officer Keen took refuge.

Large numbers of Sandstone Outcrops can be found in the area, as well as plenty of Ruby and Lithium scattered about.

This biome is one of the easiest ways to make fast Aerogel, because of the large abundance of both Gel Sacks and Ruby in the same area.

The Deep Sparse Reef borders the Grand Reef, Grassy Plateaus, Blood Kelp Trench, Sea Treader's Path, and the Kelp Forest.

The trench is located directly on top of a large part of the Deep Grand Reef, though the latter cannot be accessed through the sparse reef.