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The Deep Twisty Bridges is a biome located in a deep trench at the very bottom of the Twisty Bridges.


The Deep Twisty Bridges has a dark blue hue along with many Broken Mandrakes atop the Twisty Bridges. It also has many Hydrothermal Vents where Diamonds, Lithium, and Triops can commonly be found. Many different Fragments can be found hiding all throughout the Deep Twisty Bridges, mainly in small cave systems. Extreme caution should be taken when entering the biome as Squidsharks lurk within. Many Oxygen Plants can be found throughout the area as well.

It should also be noted that the Seatruck can get into the biome, but cannot go very deep without the Seatruck Depth Module MK1. It is recommended to put the vehicle as deep as possible, as a means to replenish oxygen. The Prawn Suit can also enter the biome but it would be nearly impossible to get back out.

An Ion Cube can be found next to an Obelisk in the biome.