Fabricator menu deployables.png

Deployables are items crafted using the Fabricator.

Except for the Seaglide and the Creature Decoy, all other Deployables need to be deployed in the environment in order to function.

Deployables List

Item Description Item ID
Navigation aid. Maintains and broadcasts its position. Configurable label. beacon
Creature Decoy.png
Creature Decoy
Attracts creatures to their location. Can be deployed by hand or by a submarine. Cannot be reclaimed once deployed. cyclopsdecoy
Grav Trap.png
Grav Trap
Uses artificial gravity to attract light objects. gravsphere
Mobile Vehicle Bay.png
Mobile Vehicle Bay
Fabricates vehicles from raw materials. constructor
Converts torque into thrust underwater via propeller. seaglide
Waterproof Locker.png
Waterproof Locker
4×4 storage that maintains position in the water. smallstorage
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