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This article is about Desks in Subnautica. Click here for information on this subject in Below Zero.

The Desk is a miscellaneous item that can be constructed by the Habitat Builder. It is currently serves as a decoration for Seabases and Cyclops.

The Desk's blueprint can be acquired by scanning its respective fragment which can be found in Wrecks, Degasi Seabases, and the Aurora. Items such as the non-functioning Lab Equipment and the Aurora Miniature can be placed on the Desk. If said items remain on the Desk when it is deconstructed, they will remain in their previous position in the air.


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  • A 'blank' version of the Desk can be found in certain Wrecks. This version doesn't possess any kind of designs on it and it is scannable. However, it cannot be obtained or placed in a Seabase.