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Destroyed Lifepods are small survival vessels that were launched from the Aurora during its descent. While several lifepods survived initially, by the time the player wakes after being unconscious for three hours in Lifepod 5, it is the only one still intact, the others having sunk or been attacked.

The player can receive Signals pointing to the locations of Destroyed Lifepods, or clues that give a rough idea of where to find them, from the Radio.

As of now, nine Destroyed Lifepods are present in-game.

Most Destroyed Lifepods contain abandoned PDAs with Data Downloads, and Data Boxes left behind by their occupants.


Lifepod Biome Coordinates Radio Message Trigger Items Occupant(s)
Lifepod 2
CTO Yu's Lifepod sunk 500m before she abandoned it
Northern Blood Kelp Zone -489 -500 1328


Lifepod 3
Crew reported their seaglide damaged
Kelp Forest -33 -17 408

600 sec after answering automated bounceback

2 Unnamed Crew
Lifepod 4
Radiation suit recommended before attempting rescue/salvage
Crash Zone 717 -7 161 Unnamed Crew
Lifepod 6
Crew requested assistance navigating radiation
Grassy Plateaus 356 -109 312 Unnamed Crew (Head of Human Resources)
Unnamed Passenger
Lifepod 7
Aurora crewmember requested assistance
Crag Field -55 -179 -1039 Unnamed Crew
Lifepod 12
Sunk to the ocean bed
Bulb Zone 1112 -266 566 Danby
Lifepod 13
Carrying high priority passenger's remains
Northwestern Mushroom Forest -919 -177 508 Jochi Khasar
Lifepod 17
Stranded near a cave system and under attack
Grassy Plateaus -510 -91 -45
  • Crafting a Seaglide
  • Two hours after answering automated bounceback
Unnamed Crew/Passenger(s)
Lifepod 19
Second Officer Keen's last broadcast location
Deep Sparse Reef -808 -298 -873 Keen



  • In previous versions, Destroyed Lifepods all featured the same damage; it was due to a lack of art time, contrary to the theory that they were all attacked by Warpers.[1]
  • A second Lifepod 3 had spawned in the Safe Shallows. This was removed in later versions of the game, however.
  • The only other floating lifepod is Lifepod 4 found near the Aurora in an overturned position. It is unknown what caused it to overturn. However, it was likely caused by a Reaper Leviathan as hinted by the distress signal and overall proximity to Reaper Leviathans.
  • Lifepod 7 has a doll of YouTuber, Markiplier, inside of it.
  • Lifepod 4's secondary systems panel is defying gravity, as the pod is upside down, but the panel stays stuck to the floor, instead of floating around the pod.
  • Lifepod 17 has a Seamoth fragment next to it. This is most likely here because Ozzy said the Seamoth Bay of the Aurora almost landed on the Lifepod during its descent in the radio message.
  • Even though there are only a total of 10 lifepods in the game, 25 were launched from the Aurora. Implying that the other 15 either burned up in the atmosphere, or landed in the Void.


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