Drooping Stingers are a hazardous Flora species which mainly grow in caves, where they can be found attached to the ceiling.

They can also be found hanging in the south west Kelp Forest and in the Jellyshroom Cave, hanging off of a Degasi Seabase.

It is highly recommended not to touch/get close to the stingers as they can severely harm the player, temporarily obscuring their vision with a green haze and dealing near fatal injuries. Running into one will deal 50 damage over 3 seconds and speed up the decline in nutrition, similar to the Gasopod.

They can also damage the Seamoth, dealing 25 damage over 5 seconds on contact, which will slowly heal back. If the Seamoth is brought below 50 health by a Drooping Stinger, it will explode.

Drooping Stingers can be moved using the Propulsion Cannon. Be cautious, however, as they can still cause damage while tractored.


Despite being classified as flora, the Drooping Stinger resembles a real life cnidarian, an animal, with its entire body made of gelatinous, translucent substances which emit a bright violet bioluminescent glow.

Its main body sports an umbrella-like base from which drops out a long, single, spiral-shaped tendril downwards. Multiple smaller tendrils hang off of the base.

Data Bank Entry

Drooping Stinger-0

1. Zero photosynthetic cells detected. Implies carnivorous adaptation to low-light environments.

2. Follicles along the tentacles are capable of detecting contact with foreign bodies, triggering an electromagnetic charge in the 600 watt range. Prey is likely paralyzed and consumed over many weeks.

Prey: Small fish

Assessment: Avoid



  • The Drooping Stingers were originally planned to produce sound. [1]
  • It is mentioned on the PDA that it uses electrical charges offensively/defensively, instead of using venomous stingers. Despite this, the damage effect from it is green.


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