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Eggs are items found in Subnautica. They are the unhatched versions of their respective Fauna. Until they hatch, the egg will be labeled as an unknown creature egg, changing to match the name of the creature the egg contained once it hatches. An egg can be identified by where it was found, its appearance, and its size (see table below).

Almost all Eggs can be placed inside an Alien Containment. After placing an egg inside an Alien Containment, it will stay where it was placed. After a certain amount of time, depending on the egg, it will hatch into a smaller version of its respective species. The hatched creature will slowly grow until it is mildly full sized or can fit the confines of the Alien Containment. They can die inside of the aquarium however, if the aquarium's population limit is surpassed.

Baby creatures can be picked up and placed outside in the water, where they will instantly become fully grown. Most normally aggressive creatures will not attack the player if hatched in the aquarium, allowing the player to scan it even after it is released in the wild. An exception is the Ampeel, as its electric shocks still apply damage, and the Crabsquid.

Eggs are also capable of being destroyed before they hatch. Hits with a knife will slice open the egg, resulting in no creature being spawned. Crashfish explosions can destroy their own eggs and habitat if they are too close. They can also be destroyed by a Prawn Suit with a single punch. Blasting an Egg using a Propulsion Cannon or Repulsion Cannon will result in their demise.

Eggs can be found in their species' respective Biomes, however, due to the game's physics in the game engine, an egg can roll into another biome or cave. An example of this is finding a Stalker egg in the Jellyshroom Cave.

Eggs can also be used as fuel for the Bioreactor, though they provide far less energy than a hatched creature.

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Normal Eggs

Egg Size Description Location Energy Value Item ID

Shocker EggAmpeel egg

4 (2×2) Ampeels hatch from these. 259 shockeregg
Bone Shark EggBoneshark egg 4 (2×2) Bonesharks hatch from these. 210 bonesharkegg
Crabsnake EggCrabsnake egg 4 (2×2) Crabsnakes hatch from these. 231 crabsnakeegg
Crabsquid EggCrabsquid egg 4 (2×2) Crabsquid hatch from these. 259 crabsquidegg
CrashEggCrashfish egg 1 Crashfish hatch from these. 189 crashegg
Cute Fish EggCuddlefish egg 1 Cuddlefish hatch from these. 210 cutefishegg
Gasopod EggGasopod egg 4 (2×2) Gasopods hatch from these. 231 gasopodegg
Jellyray EggJellyray egg 4 (2×2) Jellyrays hatch from these. 119 jellyrayegg
LavaLizardEggLava Lizard egg 4 (2×2) Lava Lizards hatch from these. 189 lavalizardegg
Mesmer EggMesmer egg 1 Mesmers hatch from these. 175 mesmeregg
Rabbit Ray EggRabbit Ray egg 1 Rabbit Rays hatch from these. 140 rabbitrayegg
Sand Shark EggSand Shark egg 4 (2×2) Sand sharks hatch from these. 210 sandsharkegg
Spadefish EggSpadefish egg 1 Spadefish hatch from these. 140 spadefishegg
Stalker EggStalker egg 4 (2×2) Stalkers hatch from these. 105 stalkeregg

Unique Eggs

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

These eggs are unobtainable.

Egg Details Location
Sea Dragon Egg Transparent

Sea Dragon Leviathan Egg

An egg found in a specimen case within the Disease Research Facility, this egg was taken by the Precursors one thousand years ago to help research ways to make the Sea Emperor Leviathan eggs hatch. This egg cannot be hatched.

Two more Sea Dragon Leviathan eggs can be found in the egg lab of the Primary Containment Facility, strangely, these eggs are far smaller than the egg found in the Disease Research Facility.


Sea Emperor Leviathan Egg

Five of the eggs laid by the captive Sea Emperor Leviathan in the Sea Emperor's Aquarium. These eggs must be hatched in the story.

Ghost Leviathan Egg

The eggs of the Ghost Leviathan, which were placed down when the Giant Cove Tree was an infant, and now it has grown around the eggs and formed a natural protection over the eggs, awaiting them to hatch. These eggs cannot hatch in-game.

Data Bank Entry

Evidence suggests that a substantial number, if not all of the local species reproduce through egg-laying. Eggs can be found resting on the seafloor, buried beneath detritus, or even wedged into cracks in the rock.

Different species likely favor different biomes as their nesting grounds. Eggs discovered in the wild are in some form of natural stasis, likely awaiting ideal conditions in which to hatch, or the delivery of some vital enzyme which will kick start the process.

It is impossible to calculate the species of the egg from the exterior, however it may be possible to stimulate a hatching response if an egg is relocated to a suitable alien containment unit.



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