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Electronics are crafted through the combination of two or more items via the Fabricator.

Electronics List

Item SN BZ Description Item ID
Advanced Wiring Kit.png
Advanced Wiring Kit
(SN) CPU with gold/silver wiring for advanced construction.
(BZ) CPU used in advanced construction.
Mobile power source. battery
Computer Chip.png
Computer Chip
Multi-purpose CPU. computerchip
Copper Wire.png
Copper Wire
Copper atoms fabricated into basic electrical wiring. copperwire
Ion Battery.png
Ion Battery
Ion-infused battery. precursorionbattery
Ion Power Cell.png
Ion Power Cell
Ion-infused power cell. precursorionpowercell
1x1 default bg.png
Parallel Processing Unit Icon.png
Parallel Processing Unit
Component used in various test devices. radiotowerppu
Power Cell.png
Power Cell
High-capacity mobile power source. powercell
Reactor Rod.png
Reactor Rod
Used to power nuclear reactors. reactorrod
1x1 default bg.png
Test Override Module Icon.png
Test Override Module
Diagnostic module for the Delta Station communications tower radiotowertom
Wiring Kit.png
Wiring Kit
Insulated silver wire. Essential electronic component. wiringkit