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Equipment is crafted from Basic Materials or Advanced Materials by using the Fabricator and the Modification Station.

Equipment is unique in that it can be equipped to the player in the PDA UI. Items grant a passive buff and/or debuff to the player. Notable examples are the Standard O2 Tank and Fins.

Equipment List

Item Description Item ID
HUD NWSE indicator. compass
Translate vertical limb movements underwater into forward thrust. fins
Fire Extinguisher.png
Fire Extinguisher
Keeps fires in check. fireextinguisher
First Aid Kit.png
First Aid Kit
Treated bandages. Apply to staunch blood-flow and sanitize wounds. firstaidkit
Pipe Surface Floater.png
Floating Air Pump
Floating device that pumps air into pipes. Acts as a starting point for a pipe chain. pipesurfacefloater
High Capacity Tank.png
High Capacity O₂ Tank
O2 mix. Highly Compressed breathable air. doubletank
Plasteel Tank.png
Lightweight High Capacity Tank
Lighter build allows for enhanced manoeuvrability. plasteeltank
A chain of pipes can be used to pump air to far away places. Start with a pump. pipe
Radiation Suit.png
Radiation Suit
Lead-lined suit providing insulation from radiation. radiationsuit


Absorb CO2 to recycle used air at greater depths. rebreather
Reinforced Dive Suit.png
Reinforced Dive Suit
Heavy aramid fiber dive suit providing 50% physical protection. reinforceddivesuit
Scanner Room HUD Chip.png
Scanner Room HUD Chip
Streams data from scanner rooms to the HUD. maproomhudchip
Standard O₂ Tank.png
Standard O₂ Tank
O2 mix. Compressed breathable air. tank
Reclaims moisture from the body. stillsuit
Swim Charge Fins.png
Swim Charge Fins
Wirelessly charges your held tool while you swim. swimchargefins
Ultra Glide Fins.png
Ultra Glide Fins
Streamline construction enhances swim speed. ultraglidefins
Ultra High Capacity Tank.png
Ultra High Capacity Tank
Additional air capacity. highcapacitytank
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