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This article is about Exterior Growbed in Below Zero. Click here for information on this subject in Subnautica.
This article is about the Exterior Growbed. You may be looking for the Indoor Growbed.

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The growbed lets you grow plants and vegetables, providing flavourful options for evading scurvy.

― PDA.

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The Exterior Growbed is an Appliance that can be constructed with the Habitat Builder. Its main purpose is to allow the player to plant underwater and terrestrial flora outside of their bases, with the express purpose of farming them.

The Exterior Growbed allows the player to utilize the farmed materials for manufacturing, fueling the Bioreactor or for decorating their base. The Exterior Growbed has 24 slots total. 


The blueprint for this module can be scanned at the tech site between the Twisty Bridges and Thermal Spires, located at (-494 -57 -496), or Omega Lab. It is crafted with the Habitat Builder.

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Databank Entry

Exterior Growbed
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Advanced synthetic soils allow this growbed to support a huge variety and quantity of alien plantlife, and it can be installed anywhere on land or underwater where there is space.

Source: Unlock the Exterior Growbed