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The Eye Jelly is a fauna species that appears in Subnautica: Below Zero.


The Eye Jelly's body is divided into three distinct sections, the tentacles, the main body and the transparent bell on the top.

The tentacles are black on the inner side and purple on the outer side. The ends of the tentacles bear end luminescent lobes, likely for prey attraction.

The main body of the Eye Jelly is roughly cylindrical, though widening towards the top to accommodate the bell. It is mostly brown in color aside from a bright pink band that runs around the middle. It is covered by bands of thick skin arranged in plates. The top of the body harbours an enormous hemispheric eye with a brown iris and black pupil. The eye is permanently facing upwards but the iris and pupil can shift around the eye to look in various directions such as looking at the player.

The eye is covered over with a large cyan bell, inside of which glowing orbs are suspended.

The Eye Jelly can vary in size.


The Eye Jelly moves very slowly in any direction, including upward and downward. When the player comes near it, its eye will follow the player. When Robin is far from the Eye Jelly, its eye will instead spin around its center aimlessly.

Upon approach, the Eye Jelly will slowly close in on the player, but will keep their distance and not attack. This behavior also applies when the player is driving a Seatruck or Prawn Suit, which can make navigating Eye Jelly-infested areas rather difficult.

The player can safely touch its eye bell, but coming too close to its lower half causes the Eye Jelly to emit a shock, damaging Robin. The shock will continue until the player distances themselves from the Eye Jelly. This effect also applies to the Seatruck and the Prawn Suit, damaging both vehicles when they approach the Eye Jelly, though not harming Robin. Other fauna will also be damaged by the shock if they come near enough.

Databank Entry

Eye Jelly
Jellyfish Ency.png

The Eye Jelly resides in deep waters. It is made of three distinct body sections: tentacles, the main body, and the bell.

The end tentacles are covered in bioluminescent nodes, which attract prey. When the tentacles are touched they emit a shock through specialized cells called cnidocytes. Within these cells are venomous harpoon-like structures called nematocysts, which are triggered by touch.

The Eye Jellies gently drift with little locomotion, though they can track movement with their large singular eye.

Source: Scan Eye Jellies


The Eye Jelly's form is heavily inspired by real life jellyfish.




  • The description states that "the end tentacles are covered in bioluminescent nodes, which attract prey," but the jelly is classified as a herbivore. Trying to attract plants seems like an inefficient evolutionary strategy, and unlikely to be able to support the vast colony of Eye Jellies found in the area.
  • The Eye Jelly used to be named the 'King Jelly' but was later changed early in its development for unknown reasons.
    • For most of its development after this point, it was known simply as the Jellyfish.