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The Fabricator Caverns are a cavernous biome in Subnautica: Below Zero. It is the location of the Fabricator Base. The biome can only be accessed from the Crystal Caves, located on the northeastern region of said biome.

Taking caution is greatly advised as two Shadow Leviathans lurk within the Fabricator Caverns.


The Fabricator Caverns is dominated by large red crystal columns protruding from the cavern’s surfaces. The terrain displays a similar quality as well, with the aforementioned crystalline structures coursing through the ground. The biome’s dominant flora species, the Eclipse Plant, can be seen thriving in small patches of seagrass. At the entrance of the biome, the cavern diverges into two caves, only to reconnect at the deepest chamber in the biome. At the end of the biome, the player can find the entrance to the Fabricator Base. A large mass of crystals can be seen protruding from the structure.



  • The Fabricator Caverns used to be the only entrance to Hoverzone 3 before it was cut due to story change, extending past the Fabricator Base and leading to the surface.
    • Furthermore, this section of the cave was removed and filled in with terrain until being extended somewhat behind the base to look more natural in later builds.
  • The Fabricator Caverns is the deepest known biome within Sector Zero. This does not include the World Edge as it is technically part of the deep open ocean of Planet 4546B and not a part of Sector Zero.