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This article is about Feather Fish. You may be looking for Feather Fish (Red).

The Feather Fish is a small, edible fauna species.


This creature has a compact main body with the top half covered in large, purple overlapping scales and the bottom half being smooth white skin and a black area around the mouth. The eyes are red with a black pupil situated on the side of the body behind a narrow mouth that lacks teeth and has six small green spots around it.

The tail fin is reduced and has eleven longitudinal grooves on each side. Propulsion is achieved mainly through the pair of enlarged crescent-shaped fins on the top and bottom of the body. Each of these fins is a little over one and a half times the length of the body.

This creature has slight anatomical differences to the Red Feather Fish aside from coloration, it has somewhat longer and more slender fins, a smaller tail fin and lacks scales on the lower half of the body.

Databank Entry

Feather Fish
Featherfish Ency.png

The feather fish is a common species that lives in various biomes. Its coloring is distinct but also functional. The bright white on the belly of the fish helps keep it safe from predators below, blending in with sunlight coming through the surface of the water.

Source: Scan Feather Fish