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FernPalmNight.jpg|A '''Fern Palm''' at night
FernPalmNight.jpg|A '''Fern Palm''' at night
== Trivia ==
*The data bank entry of the '''Fern Palm''' suggests it may have been created by the [[Degasi]] crew via [[DNA]] transfusion.
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{{Navbox Flora}}

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The Fern Palm is a life form belonging to the Flora category. It can be harvested for Fern Palm Seeds with a knife, but is purely decorative.

They can only be found in an Abandoned Seabase on top of the Floater Island.


The Fern Palm is a stump constantly growing in diameter with palm leaves and a blue cap at each point. They are normally found in three sections.

Data Bank Entry

This specimen first identified in an artificial growbed on the floater island. It is not listed in existing flora databases, so it is unclear whether or not it is native to this planet. Genetic code shares some features with other local plantlife, but this may be the result of DNA transfusion rather than natural evolution.


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