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This article is about the Fevered Pepper Tree. You may be looking for the Fevered Pepper.

The Fevered Pepper Tree is a terrestrial flora species that grows Fevered Pepper.


The Fevered Pepper Tree consists of three vine-like branches that grow upwards from the floor, splitting and intertwining as they grow upwards to form an upside-down bowl-shaped mesh supported by ice frozen to the structure. From the center of the bowl, several purple-pink Fevered Peppers hang down.


The Fevered Pepper can be eaten and when consumed, brings up your water (+20), food (+15), and heat (+50). As time progresses, these fruits will rot. Fevered Pepper Trees can be grown in an Interior Growbed, Plant Pot, or an Exterior Growbed out of water.

Databank Entry

Fevered Pepper Tree
Heat Fruit Ency.png

The fevered pepper tree produces fruits with high levels of capsaicin, which helps raise body temperature and stimulates blood flow.

Source: Scan Fevered Pepper Trees.



  • The Fevered Pepper Tree was originally called the Heat Fruit Plant