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The flare emits flames through the combustion of potassium nitrate and aluminium. Can be used to repel predators.

― PDA.

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Flares are tools that are crafted with the Fabricator.

This allows the player to illuminate dark areas like Caves with a stationary light source, thus making it easier for the player to defend themselves or to spot resources.

Flares can be found in supply crates near Alterra tech sites and around the the initial crash location.


Flares are one of the most versatile tools in the the game, especially at the start, and have several related uses:

  • First and foremost is that Flares can be used to scare certain Fauna away, most notably Snow Stalkers and Sea Monkeys.
  • Flares can be held in the player's hand (by selecting it on the toolbar) and used as a consumable handheld light-source, which acts as a early-game alternative to the Flashlight by illuminating the area around the player while held.
  • Flares can be also be thrown to act as a permanent (i.e., non-despawning) light-source by pressing the right mouse button (while it is selected on the toolbar) which will ignite the Flare and cause the player to throw it slightly forward, then the Flare will sink until it finds another object to rest on all while giving off illumination; this acts as an early-game version of the Light Stick.
  • The player can also pick up a Flare after it has been ignited/thrown and the ignited Flare will stay lit in the player's hand.
  • Given the fact that Flares will not despawn after being thrown, the player can regularly throw flares when exploring a intricate cave systems. Leaving an easy-to-follow trail of Flairs leading back to safety. This may be seen as a low-tech early-game alternative to the Pathfinder Tool.


The blueprint for this item is unlocked when the player enters the Drop Pod. This item is crafted in the Fabricator.

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