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The Flashlight is a tool crafted by using the Fabricator.

While equipped, the player can switch the Flashlight on or off. The Flashlight will generate light in the direction the player faces while it is equipped and switched on. It is useful for night dives and exploring caves.

The Flashlight consumes Energy from a Battery while switched on. The Flashlight can provide up to 13 minutes and 20 seconds of light on a single full Battery charge (8 seconds per unit of energy). The player can replace the Flashlight's Battery by pressing R.


Action PC Xbox Playstation Nintendo Switch
Turn On/Off
XBOX Right Trigger PS4 R2.png SwitchZr.png
Change Battery
XBOX X Combops4sq.png SwitchY.png


The blueprint for this item is unlocked when the player enters Drop Pod. It is crafted in the Fabricator.

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Battery Icon.png
Glass Icon.png

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Flashlight Icon.png