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Flowering Spores are resources that can found in the Deep Lilypads Cave floating around. It is used to craft Benzene.

Uses in Crafting

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Databank Entry

Flowering Spore
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A floating spore emitted by the Grand Cotton Anemone. The spore is slightly more buoyant than water and floats, suspended in its biome, and carried along by ocean currents. When the spore brushes against an acceptable surface, the spore breaks open, and a seed latches on in hopes of growing.

Assessment: harvest for use in advanced material production

Source: Scan Flowering Spores.



  • Early in the game's development, the Flowering spore was called the Lilypad Resource and had a different icon. It had the same item icon as the Limestone Outcrop, but tinged green.
    • Of all resources with the name XXX Resource, with XXX being a biome name, the Flowering Spore is the only one which has been turned into a non-placeholder item.