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Fabricator Menu Survival

Food & Water are categories of consumable items crafted from materials and creatures using the Fabricator. They are only available in Survival and Hardcore mode. Consuming Food & Water is required to maintain the player's Food & Water levels or else the player risks dying from thirst or malnutrition.

While some Food can be eaten raw, this action dehydrates the player and yields significantly less Food than when it is cooked. The player can also choose to cure fish instead of cooking them, so as to make them immune to decay. Cured fish has the same Food values as cooked fish, but dehydrates the player by -2 H2O. 

To consume Food & Water items the player can left-click on the item in the PDA.

Starvation and Dehydration

A player will starve fully in about 50 minutes (1 unit of food every 30 seconds ) and so it is important to watch out, as not being cautious can mean death.

With dehydration, on the other hand, a player will die in about 33 minutes. (1 unit of thirst every 20 seconds)

In both cases, a player will be warned that they are close to starvation and/or dehydration when only 20 units of either food or water remain. Another warning will be heard when 10 units remain.

If you want to hear the warnings, go here.

Rot and Decay

Cooked Food may raise the player's H2O levels, but it's also prone to rotting and decomposing. Curing fish instead of cooking them solves this problem but decreases hydration. Still, this is a preferable alternative for dealing with hunger when far from base or when local fish are sparse, as cured fish are the only kind of Food with any sort of long-term storage. Nutrient blocks, snacks, and gel sack also don’t rot, however, they can be rare and/or do not give ideal food levels.

Cooked Food slowly starts to lose its Food & Water value leading to Decomposition. The level will go as low as -25 H2O and -25 Food. During decomposition the Food amount lowers slowly; but when it reaches a certain level the Food becomes Ripe; Ripe Food eventually becomes rotten when it reaches -1 Food. It is recommended to eat the Food while you can during the early stages of decomposition as you will still gain some hunger.

Stages of decomposition (Cooked Fish):

  1. Starts after: ~2-3 min.
  2. Decomposing: ~2-3 min.
  3. Ripe: ~13-18 min.
  4. Rotting: ~27-33 min.

It is possible to store live fish in storage containers that will not rot until the player is ready to cook them. However, stored cooked fish will still rot regardless.

Note that decomposition also applies to plant Foods as well, and it is not possible to cook or cure them. While this means they cannot be carried around as a portable food supply, they can still be used for planting, or in the case of Creepvine, fabrication. Gel Sacks will never decay so they can be stored indefinitely while giving positive food and water.

Food And Water Items

Fabricator Menu Water


Icon Item Food H2O
Coffee Coffee Americano 0 +4
Disinfected Water Disinfected Water 0 +30
Filtered Water Filtered Water 0 +20
Large Filtered Water Large Filtered Water 0 +50
Reclaimed Water Reclaimed Water -3 +20

Cooked Food

Fabricator Menu Cooked Food

Cooking Food requires:

  • 1x Raw Food Item

Cooked Food can be obtained using a Fabricator or by killing the creature with a Thermoblade.

Icon Item Food H2O Description
Cooked Bladderfish Cooked Bladderfish +18 +4 Spongy. Grisly. Low calorie count. Thankfully odorless.
Cooked Boomerang Cooked Boomerang +21 +3 Good eating around the fins.
Cooked Eyeye Cooked Eyeye +18 +10 High in fluids. Low calorie count. Hard to keep down.
Cooked Garryfish Cooked Garryfish +18 +5 Floral flavor, but very little of it.
Cooked Holefish Cooked Holefish +21 +3 Gelatinous flesh.
Cooked Hoopfish Cooked Hoopfish +23 +3 Never eat the antennae.
Cooked Hoverfish Cooked Hoverfish +23 +3 Firm, low-fat reptilian flesh.
Cooked Lava Boomerang Cooked Magmarang +20 +3 Rather picante.
Cooked Oculus Cooked Oculus +30 +2 Dark, dense meat. A good meal.
Cooked Peeper Cooked Peeper +32 +5 Protein-rich eyeballs. Highly nutritious.
Cooked Lava Eyeye Cooked Red Eyeye +18 +9 Extremely spicy. High in fluids.
Cooked Reginald Cooked Reginald +44 +4 Pungent and smoky. Highly filling.
Cooked Spadefish Cooked Spadefish +23 +3 Decent size, but salty.
Cooked Spinefish Cooked Spinefish +23 +3 Never eat the antennae.

Cured Food

Fabricator Menu Cured Food

Crafting cured Food requires:

Icon Item Food H2O Description
Cured Bladderfish Cured Bladderfish +16 -2 Reminiscent of jerky. Dehydrating, but keeps well.
Cured Boomerang Cured Boomerang +21 -2 Tough, but flavorsome. Dehydrating, but keeps well.
Cured Eyeye Cured Eyeye +18 -2 Shriveled and unpleasant. Dehydrating, but keeps well.
Cured Garryfish Cured Garryfish +18 -2 The only flavor is salt. Dehydrating, but keeps well.
Cured Holefish Cured Holefish +21 -2 Salting has given the flesh a mousse-like consistency. Dehydrating, but keeps well.
Cured Hoopfish Cured Hoopfish +23 -2 This fish actually tastes like fish. Dehydrating, but keeps well.
Cured Hoverfish Cured Hoverfish +23 -2 The crispy, salty legs are the highlight. Dehydrating, but keeps well.
Cured Magmarang Cured Magmarang +21 -2 Tough and spicy. Dehydrating, but keeps well.
Cured Oculus Cured Oculus +30 -2 Meaty and still strong in flavor. Dehydrating, but keeps well.
Cured Peeper Cured Peeper +32 -2 Preserved in salt. A healthy and nutritious meal. Dehydrating, but keeps well.
Cured Red Eyeye Cured Red Eyeye +18 -2 Shriveled and unpleasant. Dehydrating, but keeps well.
Cured Reginald Cured Reginald +44 -2 Over salty, but very filling. Dehydrating, but keeps well.
Cured Spadefish Cured Spadefish +23 -2 Your daily dose of salt in a single portion. Dehydrating, but keeps well.
Cured Spinefish Cured Spinefish +23 -2 Entirely bland. Dehydrating, but keeps well.

Uncooked Food

Icon Item Food H2O
Bladderfish Bladderfish +9 -4
Boomerang Boomerang +12 -8
Eyeye Eyeye +10 0
Garryfish Garryfish +12 -12
Holefish Holefish +12 -5
Hoopfish Hoopfish +12 -6
Hoverfish Hoverfish +13 -9
Lava Boomerang Magmarang +12 -3
Oculus Oculus +12 -6
Peeper Peeper +20 -15
Lava Eyeye Red Eyeye +10 0
Reginald Reginald +25 -10
Spadefish Spadefish +13 -6
Spinefish Spinefish +7 -1


Icon Item Food H2O
Bulb Bush Sample Bulb Bush Sample +3 +10
Bulbo Tree Sample Bulbo Tree Sample +8 +10
Chinese Potato Chinese Potato


Creepvine Sample Creepvine Sample +3 +1
Spore Sack Gel Sack +5 +4
Lantern Fruit Lantern Fruit +10 +3
Marblemelon Marblemelon +12 +14
Nutrient Block Nutrient Block +75 0
Snack1 Snacks +3 -2
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