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A Forcefield Control outside the Quarantine Enforcement Platform

Forcefield Controls are found around or within every Alien Base and some Alien Caches. They act as locks and are each connected to a forcefield, preventing progression through the base unless the corresponding Alien Tablet is used. The majority of Forcefield Controls require a Purple Tablet to be deactivated, though there are three exceptions to this; the Control outside of the Lost River Laboratory, which requires the Orange Tablet, and the two Controls in the Primary Containment Facility, both of which require the Blue Tablet to be deactivated.

Data Bank Entry

This device matches no known technologies and is likely alien in nature. Power is being routed via the terminal to the nearby forcefield. The technology is far beyond anything encountered before by the federation. Nonetheless, there is some chance it functions as a regular lock, and only requires the correct kind of key.


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