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This article is about Foundations as it appears in Subnautica. To see this subject as it appears in Below Zero, click here.

The Foundation is a Seabase component intended for other modules to be built on top of. The Foundation is constructed with the Habitat Builder, requiring two Titanium and two Lead.

Adding a Foundation to a Seabase raises the integrity value by two units. Foundations are one of the easiest way to add Hull Integrity, as they are relatively cheap and don't need to be installed in a specific compartment. Another way to increase hull integrity is to build Bulkheads or Reinforcements.

Foundations are also the easiest way to place Exterior Growbeds, since Foundations are totally flat and Exterior Growbeds require a flat surface to be placed on. Placing a Growbed on top of a Foundation is much easier than placing it on the seafloor. It can also be used to place external power sources, such as thermal generators, when the terrain is not flat enough.


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  • In older versions of the game, Foundations could be built into rock walls without causing a terrain change. This gave them the appearance of being built from out of the wall.