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This article is about Fragments in Subnautica. Click here for information on this subject in Below Zero.
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Fragments are broken pieces of advanced technology that can be analyzed by the Scanner to create Blueprints. They are found in and around Wrecks, strewn across many Biomes around the Aurora, and scattered throughout the Degasi Seabases. Depending on the technology being analyzed, a different number of Fragments may be required to acquire the blueprint. Scanning a Fragment for which the player already has a complete blueprint of will convert the Fragment into two pieces of Titanium.

Currently Available Fragments

Blueprint DebugSpawn

# Required

Location Tab
BatteryChargerFragment 2 Interior Modules

Beacon Fragment.png
BeaconFragment 2 Deployables

BioreactorFragment 2 Interior Pieces

CyclopsBridgeFragment 3 Cyclops

CyclopsEngineFragment 3 Cyclops
CyclopsHullFragment 3 Cyclops
Grav Trap Fragment.png
Grav Trap
GravsphereFragment 2 Deployables
Laser Cutter Fragment.png
Laser Cutter
LaserCutterFragment 3 Tools

Damaged Light Stick.png
Light Stick
LEDLightFragment 1 Tools


ConstructorFragment 3 Deployables

WorkbenchFragment 3 Interior Modules
MoonpoolFragment 2 Base Pieces

BaseNuclearReactorFragment 3 Interior Pieces

PowerCellChargerFragment 2 Interior Modules

Power transmitter fragment.png
Power Transmitter
PowerTransmitterFragment 1 Exterior Modules

Prawn Suit
ExosuitFragment 4 Vehicles

Prawn Suit Claw Arm
- 2 Prawn Suit

Prawn Suit Drill Fragment.webp
Prawn Suit Drill Arm
ExosuitDrillArmFragment 2 Upgrade Modules

Prawn Suit Grappling Arm
ExosuitGrapplingArmFragment 2 Upgrade Modules

Prawn Suit Propulsion Cannon Fragment.webp
Prawn Suit Propulsion Cannon
ExosuitPropulsionArmFragment 2 Upgrade Modules

Prawn Suit Torpedo Arm Fragment.webp
Prawn Suit Torpedo Arm
ExosuitTorpedoArmFragment 2 Upgrade Modules

Damaged Propulsion Cannon.png
Propulsion Cannon
PropulsionCannonFragment 2 Tools


Purple Tablet Fragment.png
Purple Tablet
1 Equipment


BaseMapRoomFragment 3 Base Pieces

Damaged Seaglide.png
SeaglideFragment 2 Deployables

SeamothFragment 3 Vehicles

Damaged Stasis Rifle.png
Stasis Rifle
StasisRifleFragment 2 Tools

ThermalPlantFragment 2 Exterior Modules



  • In the past, Fragments could be picked up and had to be researched using the Fragment Analyzer. This system was scrapped with the introduction of the Scanner.
  • By using Console Commands, it is possible to spawn in fragments which when dropped, will become a black cube.