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The Frost Acacia is a species of flora found in the Glacial Basin.


The Frost Acacia has a tall trunk consisting of brown interwoven vine-like structures, similar to the Lantern Tree. The tree sports purple leaves that appear to grow in tuft-like clusters. Near the leaves are Bioluminescent orange sacs of unknown function.

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Frost Acacia
Glacial Tree Ency.png

This unusual multitrunked tree is highly adapted to the harsh conditions of its glacial environment. Nutrient sources are infrequent and limited on the glacier and these trees create fast growing root systems that search out rocky material trapped in the ice. The dense foliage captures energy from the sun via photosynthesis, and provides a sheltered environment for the growth of its bioluminescent fruit.

Source: Scan Frost Acacias



  • The Frost Acacia was originally called the Glacial Tree