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The Frosted Sinew Tree is a species of flora found in the Glacial Basin.


The Frosted Sinew Tree consists of a bundle of tightly clustered stick-like structures, bright red in colour. The "sticks" are seemingly held together by a large clump of ice frozen to the plant. Its appearance is akin to muscle fibers, most likely the cause of its name.

The plant faintly glows red in the night.

Databank Entry

Frosted Sinew Tree
Snow Plant Ency.png

The Frosted Sinew Tree is a large plant that collects bits of snow along its thick red stem. Snow is ninety percent air and can provide insulation, which helps prevent the formation of ice crystals in more vulnerable inner sections of the tree. The surface of the snow eventually hardens into a layer of ice, but it still prevents the body of the plant from reaching dangerously cold temperatures.

Source: Scan Frosted Sinew Trees