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The Gabe's Feather is a flora species found mainly in the Blood Kelp Zone. The Gabe's Feather Seed can be obtained by using a knife.


The Gabe's Feather features a bioluminescent cyan, feather-like branch with jagged tips growing out from its reddish brown stem.

The Feathers are bioluminescent and have dark brown vein-like lines all over them.

Data Bank Entry

Gabe's Feather-0.png

This plant grows almost exclusively in deeper waters, where its hand-like leaves have evolved to filter sediment from the environment. It is likely dependent on the excretions of fauna populating the waters above and around it.



  • Gabe's Feather was named after Valve Corporation president Gabe Newell due to the plant having two large fronds and an underdeveloped third frond. This is a reference to both the Half Life and Portal series' only having two entries and never receiving a third entry despite massive fan demand.[1]
  • The Gabe's Feather greatly resembles certain species of the real life sea pens.