Gas Pods are released by Gasopods as a form of defense, which the player can pick up before they explode. They are used to craft the Gas Torpedo that can be loaded into the Torpedo System and Prawn Suit Torpedo Arm. They explode when dropped from the inventory. It can be loaded into the Propulsion Cannon from the player's inventory by pressing F (Xbox One:

XBOX D-Pad Up , PlayStation 4:PS4 Dpad Up).

To acquire a Gas Pod, the player must quickly grab it before it explodes. Gathering them can be dangerous, because all Gas Pods that were released at once will explode almost simultaneously, potentially causing significant damage to the player. This explosion cannot be halted by a Stasis Rifle. However, a Prawn Suit is unaffected by the Gas Pods' explosions and can pick them up safely.

Uses in Crafting

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