Giant Coral Tubes are a Coral species found in the Safe Shallows, Crash Zone, and Kelp Forest biomes. It provides the player with Coral Tube Samples when hit with a knife. They have 50000 health. If hit enough times, the Giant Coral Tube will be destroyed.

Giant Coral Tubes can be large enough for a player to swim through them, as well as small fish. Certain flora also inhabit coral tubes, such as Veined Nettles and Acid Mushrooms.

There is also a larger variant of the Giant Coral Tube that can be found in the Safe Shallows. These larger Giant Coral Tubes have many raw materials inside, and may also contain passages that lead into small caves.


The Giant Coral Tube is long and hollow, usually possessing a slender middle and wide, trumpet-like ends. They vary in length from around fifteen to twenty feet to hundreds of feet long. It is common to find small slabs of coral protruding from the ends of the Coral Tubes.

Data Bank Entry

The variety of coral formations on 4546B appear to be different solutions to the same problem of maximizing water and nutrient flow throughout the colony. These particular variants funnel water down a tube, filtering nutrients as they pass. Their size suggests they have been highly successful.

Assessment: Coral tube samples are rich in calcium, exploitable in bleach fabrication


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