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The Giant Cove Tree is a unique species of Flora. The only specimen known to exist can be found within the Tree Cove of the Lost River.  All of the brine around the tree is blue in color, rather than the green brine found elsewhere in the Lost River; whether or not the Giant Cove Tree is the cause for this alteration in color is unknown.


The Giant Cove Tree consists of a trunk that is made from multiple, intertwined branches, brown in color that splits off into many smaller, bioluminescent fuchsia tipped branches. Most of these branches surround a Ghost Leviathan egg,[1] along with two similar, yet smaller eggs found lower down on the Giant Cove Tree.

The lower portion of the Giant Cove Tree consists of many massive roots, dropping down into the surrounding brine pool.

The Ghost Leviathan eggs consists of a transparent, blue tinged membrane and a glowing blue embryo within. The transparent membrane supports a fluid within, that has all the nutrients needed for the eggs to be kept alive, and to support a healthy newborn. It is possible that the tree itself has evolved to deliver nutrients to the eggs. Also, the multiple orbs inside of the large membrane support the theory of one egg supporting multiple newborns.

Data Bank Entry[]

Cove Tree Data Bank Entry

A vast tree encountered in a deep cove, and the only one of its kind encountered on the planet. The tree is surrounded by rays grazing on its pink outer leaves.

1. Bark:
A hardy, fast-growing bark covers the outside of the tree. Minuscule organisms inhabit the notches in the surface.

2. Ghost Leviathan Eggs:
The tree's branches are wrapped around a number of maturing eggs, belonging to the species designated 'ghost leviathan'.

This tree appears to be an ancient nesting ground. The eggs were laid when the tree was young, and now the branches protect and grow with them as they await the right conditions to hatch.



  • The exclusive blue brine found in the Tree Cove does not harm the player, unlike the green brine found elsewhere in the Lost River. Whether the Giant Cove Tree is the cause of this is unknown.
  • This is the only location where Ghost Leviathan eggs can be seen but they cannot be interacted with and do not hatch.
  • Although the databank entry says it is the only one of its kind on the planet, a smaller variant without the eggsacs can be seen in the area between the Crag Field and Void


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