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This article is about the Glacial Bay. You may be looking for the Glacial Basin or the Glacial Connection.

The Glacial Bay is an intermediary, above-ground and underwater biome located between the Glacial Basin and Arctic Spires.

The biome borders the Arctic Kelp Forest, Arctic Spires, Glacial Basin, and the West Arctic.


The Glacial Bay, as the name suggests, is a seaside landscape filled with vibrant plants. Alterra Corporation has a strong presence in this area, with various structures ranging from blizzard lines to radio towers having been set up. A noteworthy installation is the bridge, which is the only way to access the Arctic Spires upon arrival. Scanning the Hydraulic Fluid Fragment on the bridge will allow the player to craft said component that must be used in order to cross the bridge. Steam Vents can be found throughout the Glacial Bay that the player can use to warm up.

A Jukebox Disk can be found on the Tech Site near the entrance to the Glacial Basin.

The Energy Generator can be found in a cave along the northeastern coastline, below the bridge. The cave also contains an Ion Cube and Silver Ore.

The aquatic section of the biome is a mostly barren landscape supporting large Eye Jelly blooms. Following the Architect Cabling on the seafloor leads to an aquatic tunnel that grants quick access to the Arctic Spires, but only if the player cuts open the ice hole present there from the other side by using a Laser Cutter. The eastern seafloor has small clusters of flora.



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Necessary Repairs Achievement.png Necessary Repairs

Repair the bridge.

How to obtain: Repair the bridge in the Glacial Bay using Hydraulic Fluid.