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This article is about the Glacial Connection. You may be looking for the Glacial Bay or the Glacial Basin.

The Glacial Connection is a deep, underwater cave biome beneath a large glacier, connecting the West Arctic to the Glacial Basin. It supports a handful of Arctic Kelp Forest flora and a bloom of Eye Jellies.


The Glacial Connection is a deep cave system located under the bigger glacier found in the western section of the map. The cave is rather compact, making it difficult to navigate with the Seatruck, but it is possible.

The eastern half of the biome starts as a large fissure below a glacier that slowly tightens towards the seabed. The biome's terrain is rocky, and patches of flora including seedless Creepvine and Violet Beaus dot the seafloor. Radiant Sieve Corals are the biome's only source of illumination, alongside the Eye Jellies. Numerous Eye Jelly eggs can be found midway through the area, as well as two narrow passages that lead to the western half of the biome.

The western portion of the Glacial Connection is lined with layers of fragmented blue ice, along with denser patches of seagrass. A notable feature about this half of the biome is the absence of Eye Jelly. Certain geological features such as Hydrothermal Vents, Ice Bubbles, and Ore Veins can be found throughout this half of the biome. Ribbon Plants sparsely populate this area. A ruined Architect installation containing one Ion Cube can be found near the end of the tunnel towards the Glacial Basin. At the end of the cave, the player will find themselves within a short stretch of water in the southern portion of the Glacial Basin.



  • The Glacial Connection was originally planned being the home of the Frozen Leviathan.
    • Furthermore, the biome originally held an earlier incarnation of the Frozen Leviathan before it was moved to the Glacial Basin.