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The Grand Cotton Anemone is a giant, highly luminescent flora species. It is found exclusively in the Deep Lilypads Cave.


The Grand Cotton Anemone is connected to the ground by a very thick, dark green stem which twists as it grows upwards and is topped by a few triangular leaves and a huge, bulbous flower that is ovoid in shape and divided into distinct lobes, somewhat resembling the segmentation seen in the clementine fruit.

Each lobe has 1-2 openings from which protrude long, waving tendrils that are orange at the base, but progressively get more whitish towards the tip. These tendrils bend upwards and inwards towards the center of the plant which is composed of a hole surrounded by short branches resembling stamen.

The flower appears to be produce a large amount of dust from its bulbous flower. It is unknown what this dust is comprised of, though they may function like spores or pollen.


Grand Cotton Anemone
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One of the largest multicellular organisms in this sector of 4546B, the Grand Cotton Anemone is hard to miss. This species propagates by emitting a steady flow of spermatozoa - reminiscent of flower pollen - that are forced out its opening as a result of gas exchange. Periodically, a large egg is expelled. Once fertilized, the egg develops into a planula larva, which drifts through the local environment before establishing itself on the ocean floor.

Assessment: Collect eggs for use in advanced fabrication.

Source: Scan Grand Cotton Anemones