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"Short range scans suggest this biome supports extensive biodiversity both above and below the surface."

― PDA, Dialogue


The Grassy Plateaus cover vast areas where the seafloor is too deep for Creepvines to take hold. As stated by the PDA, a wide variety of lifeforms populate them. They are generally one of the first biomes the player encounters in Subnautica. The 4 Grassy Plateau areas borders the Kelp Forest, Mushroom Forest, Safe Shallows, Sparse Reef, Blood Kelp Trench, Crag Field, Crash Zone, Underwater Islands, and the infamous Dunes.


Grassy Plateaus are characterized by large, pillar-like structures seemingly created from water current erosion, smooth marine plains, and sandy terrain almost completely carpeted with Blood Grass, giving the Grassy Plateaus their distinctive name. While exploring the Grassy Plateaus, it is advised for new players to look around their surroundings more carefully for groups of Biters, and to stay far away from suspicious sand clouds, as Sand Sharks dwell abundantly in this biome. Tiger Plants, another type of hazard, can also be found here.

Besides the large abundance of resources such as Quartz, Limestone and Sandstone outcrops, this biome also features several small caverns, as well as entrances to the Jellyshroom Cave. On top of that, this biome contains plenty of wrecks that include useful fragments such as the Modification Station and the Battery Charger. Overall, a great biome to explore early game.

There are currently four Grassy Plateaus areas on the map, as well as several Destroyed Lifepods within the areas.