The HUD (Heads Up Display) is a vital mechanic in video games, providing important information directly on the screen.


The HUD in Subnautica monitors the player's Oxygen, Hunger, Thirst, and Health. The full set is only present in survival and hardcore. In freedom, only health and oxygen are displayed. In Creative, none of these are present.

When the PDA is opened, the HUD will display numerical values in place of the icons, allowing players to track the exact amount of hunger they will gain from food, and how long they have until they must eat or drink.

At the top of the HUD, the Depth Meter is displayed. If a Compass is equipped, it will be displayed directly below the Depth Meter.

Pressing F6 allows the player to remove elements of the HUD, pressing it several times will remove more elements.

The Toolbar

The Toolbar is located in the bottom section of the HUD. Players may select which items are to be accessed via the Toolbar. There are five slots to use.

There is selection of items that can be put in the Toolbar. These primarily include Small Fauna, Tools, some Equipment, and Placeable Items.

How to Use

  1. Open the PDA
  2. Hover the mouse cursor over the item that is to be assigned to the Toolbar
  3. Press the corresponding number key to assign the item to a slot
    • Alternatively, drag and drop an item into a slot, which replaces the previous item assigned to the slot (if there was one)
  4. Close the PDA and press the correct key to equip the item assigned to that slot.


Action Mouse & Keyboard Xbox One PlayStation 4 Nintento Switch
Open PDA
XBOX Back PS4 Touch Pad.png SwitchMinus.png
Assign Item
1 to 5,
Drag and Drop
XBOX A Combops4x.png SwitchA.png


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