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This article is about the Habitat Builder in Subnautica. Click here for information on this subject in Below Zero.


The builder tool is designed to construct habitats capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions.

― PDA, Dialogue


The Alterra handheld Habitat Builder is a tool crafted using the Fabricator.


The Habitat Builder allows the player to build a variety of stationary items. It is a crucial tool for the deployment of Seabases and the customization of the interiors of both Seabases and the Cyclops.

The Habitat Builder requires a Battery to operate, and objects cannot be constructed/deconstructed if the battery is depleted. It has a gauge on the back that tells the player how much battery charge it has left.

If a Bleeder latches onto the player's arm, the player can use the Habitat Builder to hit the Bleeder.

How to Use


Action Mouse & Keyboard Xbox One PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch
Open Building Menu
XBOX Right Trigger PS4 R2.png SwitchZr.png
Rotate Object Up & Down Mouse Wheel XBOX D-Pad Left XBOX D-Pad Right PS4 Dpad Left.png PS4 Dpad Right.png SwitchLeftbutton.png SwitchRightbutton.png
Build Object
XBOX A Combops4x.png SwitchA.png
Deconstruct Object
XBOX D-Pad Down PS4 Dpad Down.png SwitchDownbutton.png
Change Battery
XBOX X Combops4sq.png SwitchY.png
  1. Open the Building Menu
  2. Select the desired tab: Base Pieces, Exterior Modules, Interior Pieces, Interior Modules or Miscellaneous
  3. Select an item
  4. Point the Habitat Builder at wherever the item should be placed until an outline appears
  5. Use the above button to rotate object, if applicable.
  6. Press the correct key to place the outline
  7. Continue building the item by holding the applicable button.
  8. Done.
  9. Placed items can also be deconstructed by pointing the Habitat Builder at them and holding the correct key, this only applies if the text "Hold to Deconstruct" appears on the screen. This also gives back all resources used in the building process.

The Habitat Builder cannot build onto a corridor section that has any wall-mounted objects at the end the new part is being attached to (for example, lockers on the walls). In addition, if there is something directly where a new module will be joined, such as a Water Filtration Machine or Hatch, it should be manually deconstructed first: if it is not, it will be deleted and the materials will not be refunded to the player.

Bulkheads can only be built in placed corridor sections, not in the auto-generated corridor sections created by some rooms, such as the Moonpool and the Observatory.


Wiring Kit.pngComputer Chip.pngBattery.pngArrow-right (1).pngFabricator.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.png

Craftable Pieces

Base pieces group.png Base Pieces

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngLead.pngLead.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngFoundation.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngBasic Compartment.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngL Corridor.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngT Corridor.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngX Corridor.png

Glass.pngGlass.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngI-Corridor Glass.png

Glass.pngGlass.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngL-Corridor Glass.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngVertical Connector.png

Titanium.png×6Arrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngRoom.png

Titanium.png×5Copper Ore.pngCopper Ore.pngGold.pngTable Coral Sample.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngScanner Room.png

Titanium Ingot.pngTitanium Ingot.pngLubricant.pngLead.pngLead.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngMoon Pool.png

Enameled Glass.pngEnameled Glass.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngObservatory.png

Quartz.pngTitanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngHatch.png

Glass.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngWindow.png

Lithium.pngTitanium.pngTitanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngReinforcement.png

Base exterior modules group.png Exterior Modules

Quartz.pngQuartz.pngTitanium.pngTitanium.pngCopper Ore.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngSolar Panel.png

Titanium.png×5Magnetite.pngMagnetite.pngAerogel.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngThermal Plant.png

Gold.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngPower Transmitter.png

Glass.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngFloodlight.png

Glass.pngTitanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngSpotlight.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngExterior Growbed.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngBase Pipe Connector.png

Base interior pieces group.png Interior Pieces

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngLadder.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngTitanium.pngCopper Wire.pngAerogel.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngWater Filtration Machine.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngTitanium.pngSilicone Rubber.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngBulkhead.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngTitanium.pngComputer Chip.pngCopper Wire.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngVehicle Upgrade Console.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngTitanium.pngWiring Kit.pngLubricant.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngBioreactor.png

Plasteel Ingot.pngAdvanced Wiring Kit.pngLead.pngLead.pngLead.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngNuclear Reactor.png

Glass.png×5Titanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngAlien Containment.png

Base interior modules group.png Interior Modules

Titanium.pngGold.pngTable Coral Sample.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngFabricator.png

Titanium.pngCopper Ore.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngRadio.png

Computer Chip.pngFiber Mesh.pngSilver Ore.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngMedical Kit Fabricator.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngWall Locker.png

Quartz.pngTitanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngLocker.png

Wiring Kit.pngCopper Wire.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngBattery Charger.png

Advanced Wiring Kit.pngRuby.pngRuby.pngTitanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngPower Cell Charger.png

Glass.pngGlass.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngAquarium.png

Computer Chip.pngTitanium.pngDiamond.pngLead.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngModification Station.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngBasic Plant Pot.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngComposite Plant Pot.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngChic Plant Pot.png

Titanium.png×4Arrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngIndoor Growbed.png

Titanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngPlant Shelf.png

Base miscellaneous group.png Miscellaneous

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngBench.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngFiber Mesh.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngBed.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngFiber Mesh.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngBed 2.png

Titanium.pngFiber Mesh.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngNarrow Bed.png

Titanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngDesk.png

Titanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngSwivel Chair.png

Titanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngOffice Chair.png

Titanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngCommand Chair.png

Copper Wire.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngSign.png

Copper Wire.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngPicture Frame.png

Glass.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngBar Table.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngTrash Cans.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngNuclear Waste Disposal.png

Glass.pngTitanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngVending Machine.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngCoffee Vending Machine.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngLab Counter.png

Titanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngWall Planter.png

Titanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngSingle Wall Shelf.png

Titanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngWall Shelves.png

Glass.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngBuilder.pngArrow-right (1).pngMarkiplier Doll.png

Data Bank Entry


The Alterra handheld habitat builder has been an essential tool of xenoscientists, colonists and emergency relief crews across 11 different trans-govs for more than 50 years.

- Habitat modules are hermetically sealed from the outside environment
- Build on land, underwater, or in a vacuum
- Habitats can be enhanced to become long-term homes, remote research stations, defensive outposts and more

Quick Start Guide:
1. Select the I Compartment from the builder menu and place it somewhere opportune
2. Add a hatch to access the compartment
3. Build a solar panel to power the habitat's oxygen generator
4. Construct useful interior modules like radios, rechargers and storage solutions

Primary habitat systems like oxygen generation and flood control, as well as modules like the fabricator draw power and will not function without it. Additional compartments reduce overall hull integrity, depending on the external pressure.

'Quick-Build Habitats: A home far, far away from home.'


Main article: Achievements
Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.
Achievement2.jpg Settling in for the Long Haul

Build a habitat

How to obtain: The player has to construct a Seabase module, which requires the Habitat Builder to build.



  • The idea for the Habitat Builder may be taken from Natural Selection 2, where the Builder is used to create various machinery, much like Subnautica's.
    • And thus, the Habitat Builder's former name was the Builder.
      • However, the fabrication message was not changed
  • The Habitat Builder originally could construct many base segments that are now cut, including the Fragment Analyzer, the Specimen Analyzer, the Botanical Analysis Machine, and the Power Generator.
    • All have been removed in the final game, and can only be spawned in using Console Commands.
  • The power left in the Habitat Builder's Battery can be seen as represented with a blue power meter.


This section contains bugs related to Habitat Builder (Subnautica). Make sure to only post reproducible bugs, and use appropriate system template ( XboxLogo.png, PlaystationLogo.png, WindowsLogo.png / AppleLogo.png ) depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.

  • Both the T Compartment and the X Compartment, when constructing, require three titanium. However, when deconstructing, they only yield two titanium in return. This is a carryover from when the two pieces originally cost two titanium each, which was switched to three when habitat module recipes were being redone.
  • If the player exits a seabase via hatch built with the Habitat Builder, sounds of water dripping and the player stepping inside the hatch will incorrectly play.