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Harvesting Nodes are mineral deposits that can be broken up by the player to reveal the materials inside. Each Harvesting Node drops a different set of Raw Materials.

While Harvesting Nodes can be broken by the players hands, many tools have bash animations to break them. Harvesting Nodes, despite their static nature, can be picked up and launched by the Propulsion Cannon, and will break on impact.

Harvesting Nodes

Nodes Content Biomes
Barnacle Node
Ic LimestoneChunk 22743
Limestone Outcrop
Purple Pinecone Flora
Purple Pinecone
Ic SandstoneChunk 22997
Sandstone Outcrop
Ic ShaleChunk 23297
Shale Outcrop


  • Originally, there were five outcrops, which included Basalt and Obsidian. These were removed, however.
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