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The Hivemind is a Fauna species found extensively in the Lilypads Crevice.

The Hivemind always grow in large groups, with their roots embedded into the sides of cliffs. These groups will attempt to ward away predators by changing the color of their glow from a bright green to a flashing pink.

Databank Entry

Hivemind Ency.png

The hivemind are never alone and grow in massive clusters. They are physically connected by a root system, which sends out chemical signals in the presence of large predators. This signal activates a chemical reaction within its green porous membrane, resulting in a visible change of color in its bioluminescence.

This action has two effects:

- The uniform change in color grants the hive mind the appearance of one large, interconnected organism. This is a form of camouflage, called disruptive coloration, which is confusing to predators.
- Smaller sea creatures confuse the change in color for sunlight and are drawn towards the cluster.

Source: Scan Hiveminds