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The Honeycomb Fungus is a flora species that can be found on Delta Island and on Arctic icebergs.


The Honeycomb Fungus is colored a hue of dark red, and has low saturation. This Flora resembles that of a honey comb. The plant has a wire frame structure, starting with a circular, grid-like structure at the top, then tapering down to have a pillar-like structure at the bottom.

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Honeycomb Fungus
Honeycomb Plant Ency.png

This hardy fungus erupts through the thick ice shelf. It sends a collection of hyphae - filaments that collect nutrients and moisture - deep into the ice shelf until it hits permafrost. From there the hyphae intertwine into a thick rootlike system called mycelia cords. These mycelium efficiently pull nutrients from the soil.

Source: Scan Honeycomb Fungi